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Options Profit Calculator
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Options Profit Calculator is revolutionizing the way you determine which options strategy is best for your portfolio. Long gone are the days of having to decipher complicated risk/reward graphs and having to manually estimate theoretical prices for each leg. Now you can view an easy-to-understand profit/loss chart with estimated gain RIGHT ON THE CHART. Furthermore, tap on any profit estimate, and get a breakdown for each leg of your strategy of how that gain was calculated.

- Real data fills in blanks (e.g. implied volatility) of complicated financial formulas for you, but STILL allows you to override and enter your own values for simulation purposes.
- Refresh options data with ability to keep your trade price (or you can update that too!).
- Get detailed information on every leg of your strategy (e.g. delta, theta, gamma, rho).
- Use the retrieved ask price OR enter your own trade price for increased relevancy to your portfolio.
- View profit/loss estimates for customizable upper and lower simulations of the underlying's price.
- Get a comprehensive breakdown of each leg of your strategy for each profit/loss estimate.
- Change to monthly intervals to make the profit/loss table less hectic for longer-dated options.
- Sync strategies and graph adjustment defaults across iOS using iCloud.

I created Options Profit Calculator out of pure need for a quick, easy to understand, and simple way to view the profitability of different options strategies. I am not a company, brokerage, or investment firm -- I am a trader, just like you.

Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy:

Options Profit Calculator is just that… a calculator. The app doesn’t need much info about you to work, and the info it does need is public, non-confidential, and not supplied by the user. With that being said, the app does not creepily track your location or sell your strategy ideas (or store them anywhere but locally on your device and iCloud for syncing). Options Profit Calculator is not by any means a guarantee of profitability or not. All calculations are estimates intended for educational use only. All of the information provided in this app is provided as an estimate only and does not claim to be an accurate prediction of current, past, or future/theoretical values. Furthermore, Options Profit Calculator does not and will not claim that estimated profits/loss on strategies and/or estimated prices/option chain data will be accurate. By using the app, you consent to this policy.

I (the developer of this app) am not a licensed financial advisor or SEC registered professional and do not give any financial advice or recommendations directly or through the medium of this app. I do not try to encourage you to make any one trade over another, if any trade at all, either directly or through the medium of this app.

All trades made are your decision solely. I (the developer of this app) disclaim all liability to any user of this app or not. I am not liable for any doing or misdoing resulting from information from this app or not. I am not liable for inaccurate information resulting from this app or not. Use of this app is your choice, and your choice solely. By using the app, you consent to these terms.

This project would not have been possible without the great work of Kishikawa Katsumi's SpreadsheetView (https://github.com/kishikawakatsumi/SpreadsheetView), Stephen Miller's Black-Scholes JavaScript implementation (https://github.com/stevenmiller888/black-scholes), and the beautiful design work of Icons8 (icons8.com).

What's New in Version 2.6

A user asked for a clearer view of the profit/loss table that wasn't so crowded with decimals everywhere when viewing in dollars. I thought that was a pretty good idea. Exact, to the decimal place estimates are still available when you tap on a certain outcome.


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