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Trans Hands -辞書 Offline dict
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TransHands is the Most Powerful translation tool is your iPhone. TransHands Offline Any award or sentence into Any destination language, and enjoy a set of Useful add-on features Such as text-to-speech, history tracking, and integrated Twitter / Facebook / SMS / e-mail support.


Offline dictionary for English - Japanese.
Recognize hands writing text on Japanese.

English to japan,japan to english,japanese dictionary offline

English to Arabic traslator, Arabic to English, French to Arabic, Arabic to French, French to English, English to French, Arabic to Spanish, Spanish to Arabic, Spanish to English, English to Spanish, French to Spanish, Spanish to French, Russian to English, English to Russian, Russian to Spanish, Spanish to Russian.

* Type text to translate it into 90 languages.
* Use your camera to translate text instantly into 26 languages.
* Automatic Translation with voice recognition in both directions in 40 languages.

1. Translate free from the Internet-enabled real-time translation is available.(By Bing API)
2. Regardless of the language of the text input language you select is automatically recognized and translated into the language is translated.
3. Translated data is stored in an environment where the Internet can call and can be used as dictionary.
4. English To Play feature Main menu> Settings> TTS (text-to-speech) voice data from the installation should proceed.
5. application in the market for search and install the required support.

辞書- Trans Hands - 翻訳する - オフライン is a Japanese-English dictionary and a English-Japanese dictionary.
It is ad-free, works offline and has state of the art handwriting recognition.

辞書- Trans Hands - 翻訳する - オフライン has powerful and unique search capabilities yet it is simple to use (no need for a Japanese keyboard).

Words, Japanese characters (kanji), grammar points and example sentences can be displayed with Japanese or latin characters (kanji, kana or romaji) and with their pronunciation (furigana) or not.

辞書- Trans Hands - 翻訳する - オフライン is a fully multilingual Japanese dictionary and can provide meanings for Japanese in 50 languages : Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, ...

辞書- Trans Hands - 翻訳する - オフライン is deeply knowledgeable and it tags search results with pronunciation, difficulty level (jlpt, kanken, wanikani, Japanese school level), stroke order diagrams (kanji), part of speech, dialect, field of use...

The first time you start Tenjin, it will download some data (around 20MB) and prepare your custom language configuration (this step happens only once and takes less than a minute).






- Look up words in the Japanese language, english, Romanji, hiragana
- Pronounce online, Romanji and hiragana
- Look kanji with full stroke
- Learn to write kanji, demonstrates how to write a kanji
- JLPT N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, kanji, vocabulary
- Practise reading newspaper: with selected articles each day, using the same fast service features help you read Japanese newspapers easier.

What's New in Version 1.1.5

- オフラインと広告なしの和英辞典と漢字辞書です
- 辞書- Trans Hands - 翻訳する - オフライン
- English to japan, japan to english, japanese dictionary offline
- update to improve hands writing recognize system.
- some dictionary can use in offline mode now.
- パッと起動して、さくっと検索!
- とにかく早く言葉を調べたいときに!
- on next release will be a version updated with various improving for translate system, dictionary database.


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