RealEQ-Live Equalizer

RealEQ-Live Equalizer
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Hear and Filter different frequencies!

With RealEQ the possibilities are endless!
1. Listen with live sound effects using your Mic
2. Record and then apply sound effects during playback of the recording
3. Save and share recordings
These situations are where you could use RealEQ:
-Listening when you have background noise
-Lectures in which you wish to isolate and amplify the voice of the lecturer
-Public gossip situations: “What are they saying about me?”
-Juicy gossip for the office or school. You can find out what the popular people are saying while pretending to be listening to music
-Environmental Sound: Hear what you wish to hear. Create ambient noise or filter out city noise so you can hear the birds etc.
-Amplification-Amplify what you actually wish to hear more of from your environment such as: Ocean waves, rain, city noise, etc.
-Tinnitus: See how you can use our sound manipulation system to suit your needs. We need your feedback to improve the app further!
-Musicians: Discover what sounds are in the environment and what you might need to amplify or cut out for your playing or recording environment. You can do this before your tech and engineers even arrive or perhaps while practicing solo!
-Singers: Play with the app to apply effects to your singing. Fun for singing experimentation.
-Children: Good for kids to learn about sound effects and mixing. Great idea for kids that are interested in becoming a DJ
-DJ’s: Have fun playing with the app and get some new ideas!

NOTE: You must use wired headphones to use this app. Also, be sure to adjust volume and gain carefully.


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