Falling Ball Go

Falling Ball Go
  • Publisher: ahmed ayad
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 12 Mar, 2020
  • Size: 20.6 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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Falling Ball is the most interesting and addictive game around with a twist!
Make the ball fall down, as easy as it sounds but you have the challenge of saving yourself from obstacles and avoid to touch them. A tap will bounce you at your position to save you from a free fall. Challenge your friends to achieve the highest score falling Ball game.Play one of the most addictive game around, join various players worldwide for free, you can play with the ball and make it fall in such a way that the ball does not touch any obstacle and fall as down as possible.
This exciting ball falling, challenges your reflexes and concentration, a great way to kill time extra time and enjoy every bit of it. The expanding high scores are good fun, and the endless rolling balls putting you with some snooker game basics.
If you enjoy and enthuse playing with puzzles or bubble shooters then this is the fun and teaser game to play, a great ball falling option for you.
**Key Features**
* Super simple and intuitive interface in this game
* Easy controls which help you to play this addictive game anywhere possible
* Innovative leader board to check scores and compete with friends
* Exceptional design with high HD quality graphics
* Even more fun and addiction, we have a great scoring system which tracks score on user analysis
* Endless fun, yes its right you can play falling ball game endlessly, no limits
* Super enjoyable music and sound effects to keep you hooked with this epic falling ball game

* How to Play *
> The goal of the game is to make the ball reach the lowest area as possible in the shortest possible time.
> Initially you start with easy levels but gradually the levels start to become complex as you tend to move further.
> If you touch any of the moving or stagnant obstacle, it is game over.
> Make sure to fall the ball in the smartest way possible to achieve the best score in least time possible.
> You can tap on the screen to keep the ball bouncing at the same position.
The Fascinating UI of the game, inspires you to play falling ball game as much as possible, test your skills and improve on this one of the best single tap arcade game on the store. This game is an active buzzer and keeps you hooked up till the end. A Trusted and certified gameplay for kids and family. Be careful in playing the game as touching any obstacle will set you back on the initial level itself.


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