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You need to show your driver's license but your id is in your wallet, in your purse or, Oh-No, you forget it at home. You have your phone and you even took a picture of your driver's license, just-in-case. But, you've taken 100's of pictures since then. You think, it's going to take forever to find that picture.

With IDapp, you take a picture of your driver's license, car insurance, registration and even one more id - a permit, your medical insurance, perhaps emergency information about you --- those four images are instantly available.

It's Sunday morning - a beautiful day and you're headed to the park to take a walk and then have an early lunch. You don't want to bring a wallet or a purse, but you definitely need to have your phone because it's how you pay for things. Not only is your wallet or purse hard to carry, you don't want to leave it in your car and you don't want to lose it. With Idpp, to show your id, you simply tap on the app and select any of the 4 images you previously saved - then you swipe the images until the one you want is displayed; a Police Officer can see your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance - no fussing around trying to find the images, especially when you're already nervous. And because they are all in one place, you simply tell the Officer, "I have pictures of them on my phone" (if you accidently forgot your purse, tell the Officer, "I am sorry, I accidently left my purse") and ask permission, "My phone is on the console next to my right leg, may I reach for it?"

Anytime you need to show your id, IDapp will save you time and effort; you won't have to open your wallet and worry about things dropping out of it and you won't have to open your purse and dig through it.

IDapp, don't leave home without and it's always with your phone!


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