Vault - Lock Photos and Videos

Vault - Lock Photos and Videos
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Enter the world of BitsShift and gain access to Vault, the newest media encryptor application on the AppStore. Securely lock a picture or a video using the master password or biometric authentication. We know that just locking them is not enough, that is why Vault uses military-grade encryption (AES-256) to make them undecipherable to foreign eyes.

Why are we different?

To begin with, we incorporated an entirely different security mechanism from other apps out there. Our security depends on the master password, biometric authentication, and a set of encryption keys. We use AES-256 as the encryption algorithm, which is considered unbreakable. The master password is the core of our security mechanism. We don’t store it, and it can not be restored. It is secured because it is stored in your brain only, but it can be changed anytime inside the app. We go into much more detail on our website, please visit it for more information.

What does Vault offer?

• All-time lock - It automatically locks itself as soon as you leave the app.

• No traces left behind - No entry of the application in the recent applications overview.

• Smart item management - Images and videos are compressed when imported for the best user experience. When shared, the original (full resolution copy) is used.

• Unlimited albums - Create, manage, and customize unlimited albums.

• Two-step deletion - Send images to the recycle bin and restore them later.

• Natively Built - Vault is build using the Apple ecosystem for a better user experience.

• Drag to dismiss photos and videos from full-screen mode.

• Smooth multi-select and deselect.

• Import or export photos and videos from other apps straight to Vault.

• Take photos from inside Vault.

• Organize media in albums.

What does Vault Pro offer?
Vault Pro offers everything the Free version offers but even more.

• Break-in Detection - Vault takes a picture of the intruder and notifies you as soon as you enter it.

• Screen-Pin - Want to show someone a photo in Vault without risking them swiping left or right? Use Screen-Pin to freeze the entire screen and only show that picture.

• Album-level locking - Add an extra layer of protection to an album by locking it with a password.

Here at BitsShift, we worked hard to build an uncrackable application to store our precious assets. We hope you enjoy it!


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