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A new way of looking at time signatures
Beats per bar over divisions per beat or divisions per bar eg 4/3 is four triplets, 6/7 is six septuplets. This will rock your world!!! new flavours of swing like quintuplets and septuplets. My favourite recent find is 4 septuplets or 4/7 as the root time signature, with 4/(21) which is 21 divisions directly over four beats, It boils down to 3 over 4 somewhere, but wow so deep and feels so natural. new grooves the kind of stuff it would take years of practice to approach in the palm of your hand. This puts programers way ahead of the current rhythmic landscape.
Use 4/4 as a root signature but try 4 septuplets for the high hat groove so deep and perfect. Percusso has 6 tracks, the amount of beats per bar is the same for each track (choose from 1 to 99) but each track can then be cut up into whatever division you choose. Eg
Start with 12 beats per bar
Track one 12/7 twelve septuplets
Track two 12/4 twelve lots of 4 16th
Track three 12/3 twelve triplets
Track four 12/(31) twelve beats with 31 division placed directly over the bar.
Track 5 12/(93) just in case you want to place triplets inside the 31 divisions In track 4
Track six 12/2 for a big back beat
Each division can take a different sound from the 72 available in the sound banks.
There is over 400 sounds to choose from in the load bank button
Each division has note length, volume, pitch control or reverse
There is a mixer for each track with reverb frequency resonance distortion high mid low EQ and volume control so you can clean it up and tweak it out.
Programming is done in a circular clock type layout. Percusso comes with 72 percussive sounds with further sound banks, record, midi output and mixing desk are in app purchases.
Records high definition wav flies for stems and loops to the files directory
Outputs the six tracks as six separate midi files to the files directory For use in other programs (make sure quantize is turned off in the other program)
Tutorials and examples are available on you tube or
Time signature and transcription rules are patent pending USPTO
No ads!!!!!

As 12 tone equal did for harmony, Percusso’s time signature will change the way rhythm is seen and felt forever.

What's New in Version 1.0.1

Auto save
In Process pop ups
Midi output icon
In app purchases remembered after purchase so no WiFi signal needed to check every time (love this)


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