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Snowball Roller
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Snowball Roller, an ultra casual game with the most addictive game setting and the simplest control. The whole content presents a fresh and cute comic style, and with the main color of white and baby blue brings players directly to the snow field!
Have you ever seen a snow monster? Do you want to know what they look like? In Snowball Roller's ski resort, you will have the opportunity to play with snow monsters! This game not only requires control but also requires you to move precisely in a short time to get more volume!
Through simple operation to get the game experience, players need to control the snowball according to the guidance, try to collect more obstacles, avoid the danger zone, expand the snowball volume, to the end will be a surprise. The bigger the snowball rolls, the faster it gets, and when it reaches the point, it can get an Extra Bonus by breaking the sculpture with its power. The bigger the snowball's size, the faster the movement will be, and at the same time, the snowball will have a better chance to break the sculpture to get a higher Bonus.
What is the secret of getting high scores? Look closely at the two dashboards on the interface, and they will give the player hints. With the information on both dashboards, players can snowball more purposefully. Note that the entire ski area is not always a safe zone, and the snowball size will get smaller if you get into a hot place by mistake!
In addition to the basic game setup, players can also earn gold by completing daily tasks. While playing the game, players get different amounts of gold coins depending on the obstacles they hit and the completeness of the statue they end up breaking. What can gold coins be used for? We have a wide variety of skins for players to exchange within the game. Snowballs can be turned into a variety of interesting objects, such as basketballs, colorful patterned balls, bowling balls, acrobatic balls, etc. In addition to gold coins, players can also get snowball skins by doing tasks, so come and unlock them!
Simple game, but it won't bore you. On the contrary, your ambition and mind will make you crave for a high score, gain experience in each game, and get a higher score in the next round. Refreshingly drawn and fun for all ages, call your friends and family to experience it together, and you're sure to gain something new!

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