Knife To Meet You: Hit & Slice

Knife To Meet You: Hit & Slice
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Be the knifemaster who makes the most stunning tricks! You can do whatever you want, and complete a level in different ways. All in bullet time slow mo! You can play only for fun or competitively online: in any 10 sec game you have a chance to break the World Record, visible for all players!

- Stuck, Slice, Pierce, Pin objects - all can be part of a multi combo!
- Hat Trick: hit your friend's hat without hitting him!
- Team Trick: pass a knife to your friend who finishes the job!
- Underhand Trick: Throw with reverse spin and hit a target!
- Spin Trick: Spin the knife at least 450 degrees before hitting the target!
- Overtake Trick: Triple combo an object but in different order!
- Sacrifice Trick: Quickly hit your partner after you have completed the level.

- 35 fully featured level + 10 training levels (continuously growing)
- 15 weapons (No-Spin Knife, Spin Knife, Axe, Cleaver, Sawblade, Fake Hand holding a knife, Sabre, Scythe, Nail, Sickle, Shuriken, Fork, Throwing Axe, Card, Sword). We also give you all crazy weapon ideas for testing (fake hand holding a knife, fork, nail, card)
- Leaderboard for all weapons, each levels!
- Flexible replay system
- Weekly online challenge focusing on one level.

Quest system
XP system
Game mode: 1000 knives (a survival mode)
Game mode: Zero Practice Daily Challenge (a new level every day: which players can play only once – with leaderboards)
Game mode: The Endless Journey (random generated levels)
Even more characters, for example a wooden dog for the ringmaster (sleep and chase phases)
Interactive crowd who can be happy or angry (throwing coins or tomato at the characters)
Complex physics weapons (crazy weapons like: knife-grenade, harpoon, a battle-chicken which start to run on landing, chain-jointed-weapons, swordfish with sticky nose and big jaws, etc)
Friends Leaderboard
Character customization saved in replays (animations, craving, annual rings, wood types, etc)
Even more physics objects (rope, fire, water, explosion, etc)

ATTENTION: This game is fully playable, but is still under development and it doesn't reflect the final quality. We now focus on on creating the funniest gameplay possible, and then we will work on visual upgrades.

CAUTION Cut Hazard: Product has functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away
from fingers and body. Handle with care. Use with adult supervision.


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