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Patient Files Pro
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Patient Files App actually has 7 features to assist you in your Medical Practice:

1. PDF Prescriptions maker (as seen above)
2. PDF Admitting Orders maker
3. PDF Medical Certificate maker
4. PDF Clinic Summary maker
5. PDF Referral Letter maker
6. PDF Vaccine Certificate maker
7. Storage of Patient's Details so you can easily review them anytime-anywhere
It is made by a practicing medical doctor and also an awarded software developer. This is his alternative to the expensive medical softwares out there.

Why PDF Format?
Your patient can easily open a Prescription in PDF format in any App, example Viber, Messenger or Email. It can also be easily printed as well.

It is recommended by FDA: Electronic Prescription refers to the optical electronic data (captured image in PDF, jpeg or other photo file format)

You can use your own Rx Heading that contains all your clinic details and also your own signature.

It is compatible to any specialty and any country (that uses the english alphabet) because the pop-up databases are customizable.

Patient Files contains lots of pop-up buttons so you won’t need to type common words again and again (ex. Medicines, diagnosis, complains, etc).

The basic information that you can record are the following:
Name, age, sex, birthday, address, telephone, email, religion, patient ID, family history, chief complain, impression, diagnosis, health notes, history of present illness, , physical exam, OR procedures done, medicines given, laboratory results, vaccines, home meds professional fees.

Regarding its Prescription Writer function:

If you have a Wireless Wifi printer (HP wifi printer is recommended) , you can be able to print prescriptions using this app through iPhone or iPad. The database of prescriptions are customizable to your own specialty. Of course the medicines you prescribed will also be save a part of the information of the patient under his/her record. After printing, just sign the prescription before giving it to the patient.

Regarding its Admitting Orders Writer function:

This could be the first admitting orders writer available in the iOS. Use it when you want to admit a patient. The pop-up database is also customizable to your own common sentences and orders. Print it also using AirPrint via a wireless printer which you can purchase in any computer store.

HP 3700 wifi printers are recommended.

The memory it will consume is very minimal.

Terms of Use:


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