Battle Alliance: Tower Defense

Battle Alliance: Tower Defense
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There are many tower defense games out there, but Battle Alliance takes the genre to the next level and has it all: fast-paced, action-packed battles! Strategy! Deceitful enemies! Explosions! Your skills alone decide whether your nation will win or lose.

Blow up the attackers with a powerful defense! Upgrade your weapons, plan your strategy and get ready for action! Brute strength conflicts are announced again and again in spurts!

In order to actually emerge victorious from this real-time challenge, the player must use his head to strategically deploy his units. With a little overview and the necessary tactical orientation, victorious stages can be contested again. There's not much time to take a breather after celebrating victory and preparing to resist the next wave.

As a real-time strategy game, Battle Alliance of course requires advance planning - but with a large number of enemy units and different terrains, this is more demanding than you might think at first. The positioning of the troops makes this Tactical War a real challenge! And when things get really tight, air support always helps. But be careful! The enemy also knows tricks for battle and you can be suddenly showered with a few explosive gifts. As the game progresses, this Tower Defense War intensifies and also enables expensive but effective high-tech weapons.

In 20 varied missions you have to keep the upper hand and fend off brazen challengers. These playing fields are for the long-term and are not time-limited or based on success. Thanks to relatively open gameplay, you can come close to success using completely different strategies - there is no one golden way to victory. The combination of 16 enemy units and 20 of your own defensive weapons allow hours of addictive gaming. And your units are also upgradeable, promising more range and more bang.

Battle Alliance will also tie you up for a while! Each card contains a well thought-out tactical chess board, which you should carefully examine before you set up your game. The wide range of defense systems as well as the maps with different areas and geological conditions that can be used in different ways for your own purposes make for an entertaining confrontation, in both the short and long term. Expansion card packages are also available and more are being planned. More than 60 extra playing fields can already be used in addition to the standard. This remains the only in-app purchase, and only as an option for avid gamers.

With no ads and no in-app purchases, you can experience Battle Alliance offline, pure and uncluttered on your iPhone & iPad. Download your Battle Alliance app today to have an explosive strategy game in your hand. Without the need for Internet access, you can also use offline tactics and strategy in real time at any time, whenever you want.

Important customer information: some images may show purchases within the app. This app uses Game Center from Apple. Log out of Game Center before you launch the app if you don't want to share your in-game actions with your friends.

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What's New in Version 1.1.9

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• Minor errors have been eliminated and stability increased.

Like the game? Support us with a 5 star rating!

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