Which mobile games are most like Assetto Corsa?

By , on September 2, 2016

So you like digitally tinkering with cars, huh? That's cool, everyone needs a hobby. That's why games like Assetto Corsa exist, so you can really get down to fine tuning your polygonal automobile.

But what if you fancy doing it when you're on the go? Well, why not try one of these mobile games? They might not be quite so fancy, but we reckon you'll still have a lovely old time with them.

Real Racing 3

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If you're a fan of burning rubber on your phone then there's a decent chance you've already got all oiled up over this one.

It's about as close as you're likely to get to a proper racing simulator on your blower. There's plenty to tune, loads to poke around, and some solid racing to back it all up.

There's even damage to your vehicles, so you need to be careful in races, rather than using my usual tactic of using other cars as brakes.

GT Racing 2

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Another game that aims for console standard quality on a device that fits in your pocket. GT Racing 2 features a bunch of real life cars and tracks for you to thrash them around on.

It's just as good looking, and has a few tricks up the sleeve of its racing overalls that Real Racing 3 would run you over to get its hands on.

Again, it might not have as many features as you'll find on a PC or console release, but when the quality is as high as this it's really difficult to get offended.

CSR Racing 2

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This one's might not have the same level of tuning and trickery as the others, but it's perfectly designed for the short burst play sessions that mobile gaming can offer.

The gameplay is all about changing gears at the right time, and you can tweak your car to make sure its engine is running as smoothly as possible.

If you're looking for a game you can just jump straight into when you've got a few minutes to spare, then this is the one you want to be downloading.

SBK 16

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It's not the tweaking that's hardcore here, it's the racing itself. There's something way more unforgiving about buzzing around a track on two wheels, and SBK gets that.

You need to be far more precise when you're going around corners, and while the game does have a variety of assists, you can turn them off to get an even tougher experience.

It takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you've not played a motorbike game on iOS before, but once you get to grips with it you'll be laughing.

Motorsport Manager

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There's a lot of numbers here, but very little actual racing. Instead you're in charge of a burgeoning Motorsport team, taking control of pretty much every aspect.

From race day tactics to hiring the back room staff that make sure your drivers get around the circuit, you're the head honcho and what you say goes.

There's a beautifully tactical bounce to everything, and you get to watch the races unfold and change your plans on the fly. Perfect for the arm chair, or bus seat, enthusiast.