Facebook Messenger's hidden secrets and games you NEED to know

By , on September 19, 2016
Last modified 5 years, 10 months ago

Apple's big new mobile update, iOS 10, launched last week, and one of its biggest new features is the capacity to install and play games within iMessage.

But this was already a feature in Facebook's dominant Messenger app! Let's take a look at these four secret games hidden within Messenger.


Facebook Basketball

Probably the best known Messenger game, basketball challenges you to grab as many slam dunks in a row as possible.

To start a match, just send the basketball emoji, then tap on it, and you'll go straight into an asynchronous face off against your friends.


Facebook Football

The ootball game's similar to the basketball one (but obviously better because it's football): send the football emoji, tap on it, smash your mates at keepy uppies, go home for tea, next goal wins, pie and a pint, another trite football cliche, three points.

We're just taking it one game at a time, so on to the next one.



That's right: Messenger has a chess game built in, that you can play against your friends. Just type @fbchess to start a game (and annoy everyone in the squad group chat).


Facebook Balloons

The last emoji secret (that we know of): send the balloon emoji, and your phone screen will be filled with airy, rubbery, birthday fun times.

You can even grab one balloon and try to keep it from floating away with the rest, which is the most bittersweet action Facebook has implemented since a post-breakup Poke.



I'm not even sure this counts as a game, but come on! You can get cute puppies on demand at any time by simply typing @dailycute into a chat. Try it, your life will never be the same again.