Here are 5 iOS and Android alternatives for your favourite console horror games

By , on December 27, 2021
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Updated 27th December 2021. Original post by Julian Mann, updated by Himanshu Cheeta

Horror games have always been one of the most popular genres on all platforms. It started life on consoles and PCs but has now made its way to mobile. Almost all console horror games have made their way to phones so the player base has also increased a lot.

This article will help you pick your favourite from the five best games available.

1. Five Nights at Freddy's

When it comes to horror games, the Five Nights at Freddy's series were the way to go on PCs and Consoles. Now that they have arrived on mobile, every bit of the original horror series is retained. It has some of the best jump scares, along with some intense strategic gameplay to keep you busy for hours.

You need to save yourself from the animatronics that want to kill you in the night, while you guard your place. There is a dark story behind why animatronics try to kill you, which is more exciting to discover as you play the game.

Download Five Nights at Freddy's from Google Play and the App Store.

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2. Dead By Daylight Mobile

One of the most refined horror games, Dead By Daylight, is a charm to play. You can play as ghosts and horror characters from movies like Jason and Michael the killer. Here you can either be the killer or the survivors. If you are a survivor, you need to open an 'Exit Gate' by repairing generators. But you also simultaneously have to watch out for the killer, who will try to kill you as a sacrifice. If you are the killer, your only aim is to kill the survivors before they repair the generator.

The game is quite intense and will put you under pressure as you try to survive.

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile from Google Play and the App Store.

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3. The Walking Dead

If you like games with zombies, there is no better option than The Walking Dead. It is a famous title made by the legendary developers, TellTale, who have brilliantly integrated story and gameplay together. Generally, games from TellTale are all about the extraordinary story and choice making. Every choice you make will mould the narrative into a different ending. There will also be some difficult choices that you will have to make, or you will end up with a bad ending.

Excellent visuals and gameplay aesthetics make this game one of the best horror games for mobile .

Download The Walking Dead from Google Play and the App Store.

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4. Fran Bow

Another game that made its way from consoles and PCs to mobile, Fran Bow, has a very dark story where a young girl escapes an insane asylum after her parents died. She has to make her way through a magical land escaping weird monsters. It is a click-and-tap game where you can access in-game elements with a click. Moreover, the 2D graphics might not seem very exciting, but once you start playing the game, it will grow on you and won't budge until you finish the game.

Nevertheless, Fran Bow is one of the best horror games that you can find on mobile.

Download Fran Bow from Google Play and the App Store.

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5. Bendy and the Ink Machine

A very similar game to Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy and the Ink Machine takes exploration and horror puzzles a bit further. Here you will explorean ink factory, but something dark has occurred, and you are being hunted by Bendy, a cartoon character made out of ink. This game will remind you of the golden era when Mickey mouse was introduced into the cartoon world, but Bendy is not your friend.

Even the sounds are pretty good, making the game one of the ideal horror games to play on mobile. And again, this game was first introduced to consoles and PCs before coming to mobile.

Download Bendy and the Ink Machine from Google Play and the App Store.

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