Everything about Everwing: Part 2 - Enemies and bosses

By , on January 10, 2017

In this article we’re going to look at the bad guys you’re going to be facing in a regular round of Everwing. We’re also going to break down the best way to, well, break them down.

Getting to grips with what you’re facing and how you can kill it is key to getting the best scores and unlocking the most interesting dragons, so this is pretty much indispensable information if that’s your goal.

If you’ve got your own ideas of how to kill the monsters, goblins, and weird fairies, then feel free to add them in the comments section at the bottom.

Standard waves

Most of the waves you’re going to be taking on will be composed of standard goblins (and we’ll deal with the ones that aren’t in the next article in this series). Taking them down is as simple as shooting them.

The deeper you get into the game, the tougher the makeup of the various critters. Different colours have different sized health bars, and especially early on in your Everwing career you’re going to struggle with them.

When you find yourself unable to clear an entire wave before it reaches the bottom of the screen, focus on the two on the left or the right of the screen in order to make yourself a space to get through.


Birds are indestructible, flaming death machines. But the best thing about them is they always announce when they’re going to turn up.

You’ll see an orange line on the screen and a picture of a bird at the top. It’ll move around a little, following you, before picking where it’s going to go and trying to kill you.

There’s always a safe space in a wave of birds, and it’s usually on the far left or right of the screen. Remember your dragons don’t take damage, so it doesn’t matter if they get hit by a bird.

The bosses

Green blob with a staff - This boss will fire out large blobs from its centre and faster blobs from its staff. They’re easy to avoid by moving left and right. Avoid getting cornered though.

Fairy queen - The fairy queen creates goblins that fly around her, shooting at you. The orange goblin fires four bullets that will follow you at speed. The green one fires two slow bullets that do the same. The blue one will throw up a rain of different sized bullets that fall down on you.

The queen herself will also create vortices. When she starts rubbing her hands together and making a purple glow, look out for the telltale signs of where the vortex is going to appear. When you’re up against a tough version of the queen, try and take out her familiars before they corner you.

Tree monster - The tree monster fires out a repeating pattern of bullets. Depending when in your run you come up against it the patterns will feature more bullets and be much faster. The order is one to the left, one to the right, one to the left, one to the right, then three to the middle.

Pink orb - The pink orb uses itself as a weapon. It sits there as you shoot it, eventually bursting into smaller versions of itself. It also moves down the screen, and one touch from it is deadly.

If you’re fighting a tough version of it your best bet is to split the orb then focus on one side, clearing that out before switching sides and taking out the other half. Try and kill the last little blob when it's against one of the sides to make collecting the objects it drops easier.