Gangstar New Orleans guide for iPhone, iPad, and Android - Part 3: Play without spending

By , on April 5, 2017

In today's instalment of our Gangstar: New Orleans guide, we're going to look at how you can get the most out of the game without paying a shiny penny. There are a number of ways to do this, and we'll break them down for you.

Tomorrow we're going to look at some more advanced tips and tricks, because that's the sort of thing we like to do on Thursday. So make sure you come back for that if you can, it'd be lovely to see you.

Right now though, put your wallet away and let's pick through some strategies that will ensure you're not bankrupting yourself to be the best criminal that ever did crime.


Make sure you check in regularly to get as many rewards as you can. The game isn't shy when it comes to giving away spirit jars, so ensure you're getting as many of them as you can. Check your menu regularly to see what you've got.


The same goes for your achievements. You get rewarded as you play, so make sure you grab everything the game is giving you to fill up your coffers. You won't just get spirit jars, you'll get cash and upgrade materials too.

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Daily Quests

Every day you get a bunch of new quests to perform. It's important to work through these every 24 hours, because the rewards you get should sustain you for a good long while.

You even get a quest that involves completing all the quests. They're not easy, but they'll give you jar pieces as well as energy.

And they don't cost any energy to perform, for the most part, which means you can run through them even if you've run out of the juice that lets you play the quests.

While you're away

Send thugs to complete missions when you're about to put the game down. This will mean you'll have rewards waiting for you when you come back. Don't forget you can toughen up your thugs the same way as you toughen up your weapons. This will make success far more likely.

Check Blustr

Blustr is basically the social network in the game. You'll get notifications when something happens on there. Usually these are just messages from Gameloft, but from time to time you'll also be sent rewards to your inbox, so make sure you jump in and grab them.