Everything you need to know about GNOG for iPhone and iPad

By , on November 30, 2017
Last modified 5 years, 10 months ago

Thursday is here. It's snowing outside. I mean, it might not be snowing where you are, but I can hardly be expected to come round to all of your houses and check outside to see if it's snowing can I? Come on, show some initiative and find out for yourself.

While you're doing that I'm going to do the usual Thursday thing of writing about the one game that's come out this week that you definitely should play. We've already discussed GRID Autosport, so it's not going to be that. Because that would be too easy.

Instead I'm going to talk about a game that lets you poke around in the brains of a bunch of robots. You can click the name of that game below to download it from the App Store. And if you agree, or if you disagree, feel free to make your voice heard in the comments down there at the bottom of the article.


GNON has been out on PS4 for a few months now, but it's finally made its way to mobile. And quite frankly it feels like it should have been there for a good long while. It's a game of tactile manipulation that sees you poking around in the brains of robots to fix them.

In other words there are levers to pull, switches to press, sliders to slide, and all manner of other things to play around with. And the touchscreen controls, for the most part anyway, work really, really well.

The game is presented in a gorgeous cartoon style, all bright colours and silly robots, and there's a wonderful warmth running through everything that makes the whole experience pretty much irresistible. It's the perfect game to warm the cockles of your heart this winter (I assume you've checked if it's snowing by now).

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How much does it cost?

This is a premium game. There are no IAPs and you can grab the whole shebang for £4.99 / $4.99. That's a pretty good price for a game that's going to give you a good few hours of fun. There's not a great deal of replayability once you've completed it, but there are plenty of robots to poke around at.

What do I need to run it?

You'll need at least an iPhone 5S, or an iPad Air. Although you'll likely be better suited with something a bit more powerful than those two slightly ageing devices. The game also has an AR mode, so obviously you'll need something that can run AR if you're going to play about with that. The AR is entirely optional though, and it doesn't add that much to the experience.

Anything else I should know?

I think that about covers it. The game can be a little fiddly on devices with smaller screens, so if you're playing on an iPhone you might not have quite as much fun as someone playing on an iPad. But you're still going to be having lots of fun, so it's not too much of a problem.