The AppSpy end of year awards: The 3 best games for iPhone and iPad of March 2017

By , on December 25, 2017

Oh hi there. And happy Christmas. Glad you could join us today. I hope you're not too full of turkey or whatever meat-free alternative you've decided to stuff into your face today and that all the pairs of socks your parents got you are comfortable.

Today we're up to March in our round up of the best games that came out on the App Store this year. Missed the other parts of the series? Well there's some links to them coming up. That's pretty handy isn't it?

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March 2017


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A horror game that plays around with a whole bunch of concepts and ideas. It's smart, it's terrifying, and it tells its story in some incredibly clever ways. It looks great as well, and this mobile port is as good as any place to start your spooky adventuring.

Super Mario Run

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One of the biggest releases on the App Store this way, and for good reason. A superb rendition of the classic series on mobile. The controls are perfect, there's a whole bunch of things to collect, and it's every bit as charming as you want a Mario game to be.

Ticket to Earth

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We've all seen puzzlers mashed up with RPGs before, but this one does things a little differently. It makes the puzzling the core of the experience, making you trace paths along tiles in order to attack your enemies. There's a great story here as well, and you're going to love the time you spend with it.