The AppSpy end of year awards: The 3 best games for iPhone and iPad of June 2017

By , on December 27, 2017

Here we are half way through our look back at the best games that came out on the App Store this year. By my guess that means we're up to June. I think that's how the calendar works, and I can't really be bothered to check.

You can check out all the rest of the retrospective by clicking on the links below. And tomorrow we'll be up to July. Who in the hell remembers what happened in July? I don't, so I guess we'll find out together.

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June 2017

Monument Valley 2

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Without a doubt, one of the best games to come out on iOS or any other platform this year. It's a fantastic, meditative puzzler, the likes of which you'd be hard pressed to find on any other platform. Oh, and it looks absolutely stunning as well.


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I don't really understand American Football, but if it's as much fun as this game makes it out to be then sign me up. A big, silly slice of simple gaming fun that's absolutely perfect on mobile. If you've not played it yet, then you should grab it this second.

Age of Rivals

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A card game that's super quick and super smart. But despite the way it plays, it doesn't lose any of the depth that you might expect from a game about building up an empire. Perfect if you want to get a quick experience full of tactics and strategy.