Hidden Gem of the Week: Hexa Turn

By , on July 4, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 1 month ago

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Hexa Turn is a minimalist logic puzzler, placing your barrier-construction abiltiies againsit a predictable AI and tricky level configurations.

As a concept, Hexa Turn is quite simple: a triangle relentlessly travels the hexagon grid turn-by-turn, taking the shortest possible route towards squares on the grid. It's your job to prevent that by filling in hexagons to create barriers, blocking off the triangle's path and redirecting its approach, until you've trapped it with no viable moves forward. That's easier said than done when once Hexa Turn starts adding multiple squares to protect and larger grids for the triangle to move across. Even without the mechanics that come later, Hexa Turn would be a clever puzzlet that forces you to plan moves ahead, undo and experiment to figure out the best solution.

Soon Hexa Turn begins inserting even more complexities, from limited-use abilities that can freeze the triangle or place two barrier at once to multiple triangles on the grid, triangles that can move multiple spaces in a turn, among others. Combining the already tricky central mechanic with these new ones allows for Hexa Turn to remain varied and challenging throughout its 96 levels.

Hexa Turn can be purchased for $1.99 on iOS and downloaded for free on Android.