These are the 5 best platform games for mobile

By , on July 27, 2018
Last modified 10 months ago

What's the best platform game on iOS? It's a question you've probably pondered time and time again, trying to figure out the right answer. Maybe you've gone to a shaman to try and figure it out, or read the secrets hidden in tea leaves in order to get some sort of answer.

Well, quite frankly that's silly. What you should have done is waited for us to write this list. But we have written this list now, and you can read it with your eyes holes. You're welcome. If you've got your own suggestions about other games we should have included, then do please let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article. Ta.

Super Mario Run - download for iOS

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We couldn't really start this list any other way. It's Mario, and it works brilliantly on mobile. Sure, you can quibble about the way it's priced, but one thing you can't really complain about is how well it plays. It's just as slick as you'd expect, but it's smarter, cooler, and more experimental than we had any right to think it might be.

Oddmar - download for iOS

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In this one you're a Viking. But you're not very good at being a Viking, so you need to go and prove to the other Vikings that you are, in fact, an awesome Viking. I probably said Viking too many times there. Anyway, it's gorgeous, the controls are brilliant, and you're going to have the best time playing it.

Inside - download for iOS

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Where the first two platformers on this list are full of bright colours and good vibes, Inside is the polar opposite. It's grim and lonely, full of greys and sad blues, and there are plenty of horrible things you need to do to escape from the armed men who are chasing you. As a successor to Limbo it manages to up the "oh no" quota by about a factor of 12.

Suzy Cube - download for iOS

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And now we're on to the 3D platformers. This one's a retro-ish take on the likes of Mario 64, and while it might feel like a touchscreen is the worst possible control system to use for a 3D leaper, it actually works really well. It's smart, it's charming, and it may well herald a new era of third dimension bouncing about on the App Store.

Downwell - download for iOS

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You want challenge? You want guns in your shoes? You want to develop a lifelong hatred of stupid freakin' bats? Well you've come to the right place. Downwell is a platformer that's all about falling down a well. You need to kill stuff, get upgrades, and try and stay alive. It's tough, it's brutal, and, quite frankly, it's absolutely amazing.