The best first-person RPGs for mobile

By , on August 29, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 10 months ago

Whether you're here just because you LOVE RPGs or fancy putting some time into some first-person mobile games before Elder Scrolls: Blades comes out later this week, you'll have an absolute ball with these. Or maybe you won't, I'm not your mother.

Elder Scrolls: Blades has been an eagerly-awaited mobile game since its reveal at E3 earlier this year. Not only will it be free-to-play, but it's got a lot of the classic Skyrim charm and has a new and vastly interesting combat system. Better still, it looks like it'll be a breeze to play.

That makes this list a bit harder since RPGs are rather subjective and I'm missing out on a couple of greats, I'm sure, but I think there's a lot to love here. Action, adventure, thrills, lots of creature-killing violence - sign me up, Sally.

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Severeddownload on iOS (£6.99/$6.99)

This one's got a hefty ol' price tag, but it's a fantastically responsive and engaging RPG that feels silky on touch screen. It's not all about beating up bad guys, though. No, there are plenty of opportunities to use your brain while navigating the expansive world.

If its seas of positive reviews, awards, and high-praises aren't enough for you, Severed features dungeon combat in a striking art style that's easy to fall in love with. Its setup is a bit grim, but once you get into it you'll be swiping at enemies and slicing off limbs like a champion on the hunt for your missing family.

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7 Magesdownload on iOS

If you're not really up for a challenge, you might get fed up of this tactical turn-based RPG pretty quickly since it's not in the mood for taking prisoners.

Roam around the isle of Roven, a legendary island where gods seemingly rested after creating the world, and help out the peasants who hired you to protect them. Trudge through all sorts of environments, from creepy crypts through icy mountains and even into the belly of a dead dragon. Oh yes, you'll have your work cut out for you in this one.

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The Questdownload on iOS (£7.99/$7.99)

Though it's rocking a seriously premium price point, The Quest will always be one of the best first-person RPGs available on mobile. Why? Because it's got such a tremendously classic charm to it that's hard to find anywhere else and if you're not so keen on the price you'll be able to pick it up on sale every now and again.

This hand-drawn open world RPG is packed to bursting point with turn-based combat and features some nifty old school grid-based movement. You've got five races to choose from, a huge world to explore, and plenty of curious characters to encounter, some of which might be up to no good.

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ARK: Survival Evolveddownload on iOS

Alright, so ARK isn't a fantasy RPG along the lines of Elder Scrolls, but it's fantastical in its own right – when was the last time you rode a dinosaur?

Play in a world chocked full of other players and more than 80 dinosaur types as you survive on a strange island. You need to figure out how to gather resources, how to craft useful items, and maybe join a clan to avoid instant, unavoidable death at the hand of bigger dinos and rather sour enemies. Plus, you can capture and tame dinosaurs. At the end of the day, isn't that everyone's dream here?

No? Well, don't I look foolish...

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Ravensword: Shadowlandsdownload on iOS (£6.99/$6.99)

Sure, Ravensword: Shadowlands might be showing its age a bit, but remains an excellent RPG which gives you the option to play it either in third or first-person (shh, it counts). As far as playing games with an 'Elder Scrolls' feel, this one's pretty dang close.

If you look past its slightly shaky controls, you've got a whole lot to do and a lot to explore during your time with it, and if you've got an MFi controller you'll have an ever better time navigating (once its compatibility is fixed). Even if you're not up for exploring a big ol' world, there's an interesting storyline to follow, lots to collect, tons of weapons to pick up, plenty of enemies to spar with, skills to upgrade, pockets to pick, and that's only a small selection to take note of.