Catch up on AppSpy's latest gaming videos: October 5th

By , on October 5, 2018
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Another week down and dusted and we're peering into the abyss that is the weekend. Whether you've got plans or not just yet, it doesn't really matter. What matters is catching up on what's been going on over at AppSpy's YouTube channel.

What's this? AppSpy's channel is looking a bit different, you say? Why, yes! It's had a bit of a makeover and, though it's always been related to Pocket Gamer, it's now merging into it further.

That doesn't mean things are changing though, so don't worry yourself too much. There'll still be awesome content and plenty of mobile gameplay videos, hands-ons, and reviews to dive into – just like these ones.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village – download on iOS

It's no secret that I adored Layton's Mystery Journey when it first came to the App Store and, since I've never owned any DS console, Professor Layton was an instant interest to me. This remaster comes chocked full of gorgeous graphics, fantastic cutscenes, and a few extra details that weren't even in the original game.

James got his hands on it this week and showed off a few puzzles whilst proving how smart he is. I admit in puzzle 007, it took me a bit of a while to figure out what the solution was. As is standard in these sorts of games though, the satisfaction after you've solved something is so, so good.

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Monster Hunter Stories

Though a hands-on went out last week, Monster Hunter Stories got a coveted review on the channel this time around and it's one you'll definitely want to watch. Its appearance and overall price has been heavily debated over on Pocket Gamer, but what's the verdict?

If you're expecting a fully-fledged, hard-as-nails Monster Hunter game for mobile, you'll probably go away a bit disappointed. But that doesn't mean it's not a good game. Its turn-based battles feel more like something out of Final Fantasy, and all in all does feel like a 'lite' version with a cartoony art-style. Check it out.

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Animus: Harbinger 

Have you ever wanted to play Dark Souls on a portable device? Well, aside from picking up the actual game on Nintendo Switch once it's released, Animus: Harbinger might be the closest you can get. It's easy to compare the games, of course, but it's not like Animus is trying to hide its inspiration.

With a semi-busy UI (it could be worse) you need to fight tons of big baddies whilst feeling a tad underpowered the whole time. Not to mention the controls aid in that 'Dark Souls' feel by making things much more difficult to battle the bad guys. I can't decide if it's genius or not.

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Civilization VI 

Earlier this week, Civilization VI popped up on the App Store for iPhone and James managed to get it working on his iPhone 6S with crispy ease. Since it's been listed for iPhone 7 and above it's a nice surprise. There's a lot to consider and keep an eye on in the game, that much is certain.

Like James I'm not much of a Civ player so can't comment on how it compares to the others, but in terms of performance it's a gem. Though a bit fiddly, rather expensive, and a pretty big battery drainer, Civ players won't be disappointed with this one. You also get your first 60 turns free, so you can see if you like it or not.

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Defend the Cake 

We're no stranger to tower defence games and there are some truly cracking ones on the market, but Pocket Gamer's Big Indie Pitch winner – Defend the Cake – throws something different into the mix. Rather than sticking your towers down, you can play with the battlefield's formation to take on those nasty insects.

By deciding where you want everything to go, and by keeping on top of your defences during the battle, you'll determine whether the insects get back to their hidey holes with cake in hand. That might sound rather simple, but some of these blighters move faster than you anticipate and some are a lot sturdier than they seem. Strategy fans, you'll want to have a go with this one.

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