The top 3 platform shooters for iPhone and iPad

By , on January 9, 2019

We've already told you what the best arcade shooters on the App Store are (you can click that link to find out if you missed the article), and now it's time for the next addition to our list - the best platform shooters. It's almost a side-genre from the arcade shooter, but there are so many games that could fit in, we thought it was best to give it a list all of its own.

Since we've only picked three games, there's a chance that we've missed out your favourite. If that's the case, do let us know the games you think should be included, and let us know why as well, in the comments section down at the bottom of all of these words. Right then, on with our picks.


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This one would make it onto about forty different lists, because it's pretty amazing. It's all about plummeting down a well, using your gun boots to kill enemies and slow your fall. It's a lot more complex than it might first seem, and the more you put into the game the more you're going to get out of it. It'll also teach you to hate digital bats with a fiery passion - and that's the AppSpy guarantee.

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Random Heroes 3

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The Random Heroes series is great, but the latest edition deserves its place here. It's a nod to the glory days of 16bit gaming, when everything involved jumping around, solving simple puzzles, and shooting every single thing that moves, looks at you funny, or might have some coins inside of it. There's a good chance that you're going to develop a horrible claw from the hours you're going to put into this one, which in our mind is a good thing.

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Super Crate Box

Where the other games on this list are linear - you're moving through what's essentially a horizontal or vertical maze - this one takes place on a single screen. You've got two jobs - kill and collect crates. You're killing to stay alive, and you're collecting crates to up your score. Those crates also give you new weapons, which can help or hinder your attempts to survive for as long as possible.

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