Our pick of the top iPhone and iPad game of the week - Elemancer

By , on February 7, 2019
Last modified 4 months, 1 week ago

Card games on mobile usually fit into one of two groups - you've got the heavyweight experiences like Hearthstone on one hand, and simpler variations on solitaire like Mind Cards. Elemancer is something different though - because it tries to sit in the space between those two extremes.

It really works as well. The battles here take as much from the likes of Clash Royale as they do from Hearthstone - they're short and sharp, and the moves you can make are more restricted, but that doesn't detract from the entertainment one iota. In fact the speed ramps things up quite nicely.

When you're not fighting you're building up your home base. There's a mine to tap gems out of, and a variety of different towers and building that you can upgrade to help with the war effort. It's a nice touch, and gives you a clear way to track your progression through the game.

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Fights take place on a small grid, with each player controlling five spaces. These are where you can put your units - a unit across from another will attack that unit, but if it's looking across an open space the damage is done to your opponent's leader. Get the opponent's leader's HP down to zero and you win, it's as simple as that.

Except obviously it's more complex than that. Different cards have different powers, and you can strengthen them up to make them tougher as well. Then there are special moves your leader can use every turn - these cost mana too, and change depending on which character you've picked to run your team.

If Telemancer can build itself a community of dedicated players, then it could well be the next card game to break through into the mainstream of mobile play. That's something we'd love to see, so we suggest you deeply consider grabbing the game right this very second.

How can you do that? Well that one is easy - all you have to do is click this link and you can download Elemancer from the App Store. The best part of it is that it's not going to cost you any money to do that. Which is pretty awesome.