One to watch - Knights of the Card Table is coming out for iPhone and iPad this week

By , on February 12, 2019
Last modified 5 months, 1 week ago

We really like solo card games here at AppSpy. And no, before you say anything, it isn't because we don't have any friends. It's because, more often than not, solitaire experiences offer up nifty, tactile strategy, without getting too bogged down in fiddly controls and massive maps. That's definitely the case with Knights of the Card Table, which is set to hit the App Store later this week.

The game is a dungeon crawler with an awful lot of differences. For one thing, you can rearrange the cards that make up the dungeon as you see fit. Got a strong monster you need to take down in the first card slot, and a potion that's going to toughen you up in the last? Swap them round, bulk up, and give that monster what-for.

There are other, smaller ideas here that really make the game exciting, like giving you bonuses for clearing three of the same card in a row, or the way different weapons give you different dice to roll when it's your time to attack.

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If that wasn't enough the game has a hundred dungeons for you to explore and conquer, all spread out across three distinct worlds. You've also got a pretty unique art style, plenty of puns and jokes, and enough charm that you're going to keep playing just to see how the game's going to put a smile on your face next. Basically, we're just really excited for this one to come out, and for you to get your hands on it.

The game is being developed by the brilliantly named Ponywolf, and it's set to come out on the App Store this Thursday. The game has a pre-order page up, and if you click here you'll be able to get your order in and receive a notification when the game goes live. Knights of the Card Table will set you back £4.99 / $4.99 when it comes out, and we reckon it might be worth it.