The top 3 videos about mobile gaming you might have missed last week

By , on February 18, 2019
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At the start of every week here at AppSpy we like to make sure that you're caught up with all of the amazing videos we've been making over the past seven days. Wait, you didn't know we have a video arm? Well we do, and it makes the best videos about mobile gaming every week. Seriously, they're great, and we're not just saying that because we're contractually obliged to. You can click here to go to the channel and subscribe - we know you want to.

Like we say, we do this every week, so if you keep checking back every Monday you're going to find some of the finest mobile gaming videos that the internet has to offer. And more paragraphs like this one, which are essentially just padding because we have to hit a set amount of words if this post is going to be useful for SEO. So there you go, a glimpse behind the curtain. Right then, on with the videos.

Revolve8 review

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To get things started, we looked at Sega's new RTS smash hit. It's a bit like Clash Royale, a bit like an anime headache, and a lot like a lot of fun.

Snow Kids hands-on

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Snow Kids is an interesting platformer that plays around with its frozen nature in some pretty smart ways. It's also charming and an awful lot of fun.

Linn: Path of Orchards review

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One of the most intriguing platformers we've played in a long line. It's a 2D twister that's got some really clever ideas that are going to keep you on your toes throughout the whole thing.

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