One to watch - 3eality is coming to iPhone and iPad this week

By , on February 27, 2019
Last modified 2 years ago

It's not often that an endless runner comes out that we're actually interested in. It's not because we don't like the genre - it's because it's so rare that a runner comes out that does things differently. Luckily though this week is going to buck that trend, because 3eality is set to land on the App Store.

What's so special about this one? Well for one thing, you're not controlling one character, you're controlling three - and they're all running on slightly different tracks. You need to keep an eye on all three and react accordingly when an obstacle pops up in one of them. We reckon it's gonna be much easier said than done though.

There are some other clever ideas here too, like a chargeable special move, and even when you've lost two of your heroes, you can still continue for as long as you can with the one remaining. The screen changes as heroes die, focusing you down until you've just got the one left.

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As you might be able to imagine, the action here is fast and frantic. It's forgiving as well though, thanks to the fact you don't die instantly when one of your characters takes a plunge or smashes into something they shouldn't.

It remains to be seen whether 3eality is going to have the chops to stick around on your phone or tablet once the initial thrill has worn off, but since that initial thrill is shaping up to be just so thrilling, we don't think you're going to mind that much.

3eality is set to come out on Thursday for iPhone and iPad. If you're a fan of auto-runners, or you like to play games that do things a little differently, we think you should definitely be having a long hard think about grabbing this one when it launches.