The Elder Scrolls: Blades’ latest update looks to fix the game’s biggest problem

By , on April 23, 2019
Last modified 3 years, 1 month ago

The much-reviled silver chest has been the bane of many a Blades player’s existence for the last couple weeks. Every mission seemed to doll out a silly amount of them, meaning everyone’s chest inventory was almost constantly full. The real issue, though, was that each silver chest took 3 real-world hours to unlock, a dreary process that put many of us off the game entirely.

However, with the game’s latest update, Blades’ development team has listened to the overwhelming fan feedback and shortened the timer significantly. Now you’ll only have to wait a mere hour before yet again being disappointed with the contents of your 30th silver chest in a row.

The move just makes sense as players now have a reason to log in every hour, boosting overall engagement, and the chances of maxing-out the chest inventory – therefore being unable to pick up any more loot – are massively reduced.

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In addition to that major change, there’s also been a handful of little improvements. Players had previously complained about accidentally spending their precious gems, so Bethesda has now added a little warning/confirmation message whenever you’re about to spend more than 11 gems at once. Elder chests are also now available as job rewards, and silver chests will no longer appear in the endless ‘Abyss’ dungeon.

It’s up for debate whether the original state of the game’s monetisation system was indicative of a company dipping a toe in the water to see what it could get away with, but these changes might have arrived fast enough for some to accept that the initial issues were perhaps genuine errors.

It’s unlikely that any of this will be enough to win back those who drifted off after the first few days, with most coverage of Blades still being decidedly negative, but it’s nevertheless a reassuring step in the right direction.