Developers we’d love to see on Playdate: Part 1

By , on June 13, 2019
Last modified 3 years, 5 months ago

The recent announcement of Panic’s Playdate handheld and its interesting method of game distribution has got me thinking up all sorts of dream collaborations. With the potential for more than one season of games, we could end up seeing dozens of awesome Playdate-exclusive projects from our favourite teams.

A few of these developers could well feature in season 1, which would be lovely, but I’d also like to propose a few stranger picks. So here are the first two developers that I think could be a great fit for the weird and (hopefully) wonderful Playdate.


Asymmetric’s western epic West of Loathing is one of my favourite games in recent memory. It’s bursting with warm humour, fun visual gags, and simple – though still enjoyable – turn-based combat. Oh, and I should also mention that it’s all presented in glorious black and white. Isn’t that already reason enough for Asymmetric to conjure up something for the Playdate?

I mean, think of all the utterly daft things they could get you to do with that silly crank. I’d settle for a new, smaller entry in the Loathing series, though an original title would also be very welcome. Regardless of what it might be, I reckon they’d be a perfect match for the cute console.

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Another dream collaborator would be Flow, Flower, and Journey developer thatgamecompany. Journey in particular was renowned for its wholesome social aspects and ability to bring out the best in its players. Though while the Playdate does have Wi-Fi capabilities, I’m not sure if proper
multiplayer is currently possible.

And with Fly, their most ambitious undertaking yet, only just now releasing, the potential for a side project could be a little slim. Still, there’s no denying that the addition of such a beloved team would go down well with those still on the fence about the Playdate.