Clash Royale - The best decks you can play right now

By , on April 12, 2021
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It’s almost the end of the season, and you know what that means; it’s time to use your best deck to try to reach a new personal best on ladder. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

In games such as Clash Royale, which has over 100 cards for you to choose from, choosing the best deck for you can be tough. The great news is, you don’t have to create your deck or anything. Whether they’re professional Clash Royale players or really good at the game, the best in the world have built the best decks in the current balance changes.

If you want to be the best in the world, try using these decks and reach a new league before Supercell announces the balance changes coming next month. Then these are the best decks you can use right now in Clash Royale.

1: Miner with Wall Breaker

clash royale best decks

This has been one of the best decks in the game for months now, and we would be shocked if Supercell doesn't adjust some of these cards next month.

You've probably seen this deck in the arena. What you need to do is constantly spam your Miner and Wall Breakers into the opponent's towers. That being said, you need to do it when the moment is right. Use the first seconds of the match to figure out what cards your opponent has against your wall breakers. If they have arrows, then try to split your Wall Breakers in the middle so your opponent can't use their spell on both of them, and they have to use more elixir to defend. Keep in mind that you don't have a big spell, so you'll need to rely on your Magic Archer a lot to defend and attack directly to the tower. Use the power of geometry to attack other cards and hit the tower as well.

If you don't have Magic Archer or if it's low level, you can try the other version with Bats and Fireball instead of Magic Archer and Tornado. It's a more free-to-play friendly deck that works almost the same way.

2. Royale Giant Cycle

Royal Giant has been an oppressive card for a while now, and this deck it's the strongest one yet. It has some of the best cards available in the game right now, including Hunter, Electro Spirit, and Fisherman.

Mostly, this deck is pretty straightforward to use. You'll mostly attack with your Royal Giant and defend with every card in the deck. Despite being a cycle deck, try not to spam your opponent constantly.

You need to wait for the perfect time to attack, which is usually after you successfully defend your opponents' attacks. Wait until they attack, and if your troops are healthy enough, that is, your Hunter and Fisherman, push with Royale Giant in front of them. It's a very solid deck, but it'll take a few tries before you actually begin to master it.

3. LavaLoon

Lava hound plus Balloon is one of the oldest, most effective combinations in Clash Royale, and it's still going strong this month. This deck counters many decks in the game because not every deck has strong defensive cards that attack air. That doesn't mean there aren't any. If your opponent uses Hunter, then it'll be hard to make it through the tower. Fortunately, you have Miner, Zap, and Arrows to handle it.

You'll want to create big pushes starting with Lava Hound in the back of the Prince's tower and then support it with either the Skeleton Dragons, Inferno Dragon, or Balloon, depending on the situation. If your opponent attacks on the other lane, you'll have your Barbarians to defend any ground attack they try. Overall, it's an effect deck that guarantees the win if your opponent doesn't know how to handle air cards.

4. Royal Hogs bait

clash royale best decks

Royal Hogs, zappies, and Royal Recruits are once again a strong card in the game, and it's time to use that to your advantage with this deck. This deck has proven to be powerful in defence and offence and a great way to bait your opponent's big spells like a Fireball.

First, make sure what your opponents' big spell is. If it is Fireball, then you'll have to wait to use your Royal Hogs on one lane, or else they'll defend easily. The great thing about this deck is its double-lane pressure. You can start with Royal Recruits in the back and create a huge push on both lanes. After your opponent uses a spell on one lane, you can overload the other lane to win. Just make sure they don't have cards like Bomber, Wizard, or Bomb Tower too.

5. Balloon with Freeze

If you’re looking for something a little easier to use, this Balloon deck with Freeze is probably a good fit.

This deck is meant to be extremely defensive. You protect your towers with Bowler, Baby Dragon, and Inferno Dragon and then create a big push with Lumberjack and Balloon. Once your opponent places their defensive cards, you freeze everything, and that’s it.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. You’ll still need to get used to the deck. Remember, this deck is a bit on the heavier side, so if your opponent catches you with low elixir, you probably won’t be able to defend your towers. Be patient, and don’t attack every chance you get.