Genre Busters: Console Calamities - live on Twitch (5pm UK | 9am Pacific | 12 noon Eastern)

By , on June 2, 2014
Last modified 8 years, 1 month ago

Over here at AppSpy we like to start the week just like all the other whippersnappers our age. Lists, and plenty of 'em!

And boy, do we have a list show on our Twitch channel for you today. Genre Busters: Console Calamities will be exploring the grimey underbelly of misled publishers and developers who sold their soul for a quick buck - trashy titles with the names of beloved console properties emblazoned across them.

Whether they're riddled with IAP jiggery-pokery, flawed controls, and / or just downright dreadful intrusive ads, we're going to name and shame them. We want to know which you've been most disgusted by.

If you have played any of these games, there's a good chance you will need to be consoled. This stream is one way to get all that hate off your chest. Join the chat and rave about how you wasted money on what appeared to be a harmless spinoff at first, before destroying the last glimmer of hope you had for your favourite franchise.

Today we'll need your help to decide which of our selection is the worst of the worst. We will then locate every iPhone and iPad that has ever installed it and launch them into space for the good of the games industry. Please tune in to our Twitch channel at 5pm UK / 9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern time to catch the show from the start and get your vote in... for the good of everyone!