Eye on the App Store: Rival Knights, Sky Force 2014, and more on Twitch! (5pm UK | 9am Pacific | 12 noon Eastern)

By , on June 4, 2014
Last modified 8 years ago

It's the middle of the week - you know what that means. No, not a general feeling of ennui and exhaustion! It means it's time for our weekly installment of Eye on the App Store over on our Twitch channel.

As per usual, we'll be looking at the latest releases of the week. Some out at midnight tonight, some already out, and one that's returning to the App Store. A veritable mix on all accounts! Today our headliner are Rival Knights, Sky Force 2014, 99 Bricks Wizard Academy, and Scuba Diving Adventures, but there may be one or two more up our sleeves.

Please come along to discuss all the games out this week, throw a question or two at us, and generally have a nice wee chat over on Twitch.

Come check out the whole show live on our Twitch channel from 5pm BST / 9am PDT. Remember to follow us on Twitch for a reminder of when we’re going live every weekday!