Learn how to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with AppSpy - Part 1

By , on August 24, 2014

You know what's brilliant? Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is brilliant. We've got a review that says as much.

But it's also dense. Very very very very dense.

Because of this combination of challenge and quality, we called it "a slow, difficult, but rewarding crawl to greatness".

So if you're new to the Monster Hunter series it can be a little off-putting to begin with, as you die again and again not quite understanding where you should be going, or what you should be doing, once you get there.

Enter AppSpy, and an intrepid team of Monster Hunter players with varying levels of skill. Together we're going to teach you the ropes of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, as we ourselves learn them, and bring you a weekly video and Twitch stream that documents our progress.

Below is part 1 of our journey to mastering the game, in which Harry gets farted on by a pink monkey, James fights a particularly annoying wasp, and I forget to pack a hot drink.

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