Hands-on with Phases: Infinite Zero, probably the hardest platformer you'll play this year

By , on August 26, 2014

Do you hate yourself just a teensy little bit?

Well if you'd like to hate yourself a bit more, you can always download Phases: Infinite Zero.

It's one of the hardest platforming games I've had the pleasure / misery of playing, and I like myself a little bit less for not being able to get past Phase 1.

It's also a beauty to behold, the controls are spot-on, and it run flawlessly.

Here are my first impressions with the game.

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Cutler_Sheridan 5 years, 5 months ago

Hardest but most rewarding game I can think of for iOS was Squareball, way back in the day. Would've loved a sequel to that game. Did those guys ever do anything else?