Hands-on with Reckless Racing 3, the souped-up sequel with pirouetting big rigs

By , on October 9, 2014
Last modified 7 years ago

If you're a fan of top-down racing in the vein of 16-bit classics like Micro Machines, then the Reckless Racing series has always been something of a shining light on iOS.

It successfully marries the good looks of a quasi-realistic racing game with the crazy drifting and arcade fun of more outlandish titles like Outrun.

Yesterday, Reckless Racing 3 skidded onto iPhone and iPad everywhere. The question is, has the wheel screeching carnage of previous games made its way into this newest installment? Watch the video above to find out.


pixelcake 7 years ago

this game is very good, but i hate the game progress bug

PoloBaquerizoH 7 years ago

Looks like an insta buy

VideoJames 7 years ago

Hey there. We'll certainly take that request under consideration. However, if you watch the video you'll find that I've posted an iTunes link in the About section which will take you straight to the game. Hope that helps.

double3 7 years ago

i really don't understand why you guys can't provide a simple link to iTunes in EVERY post about each game. please. ???