8 terrifyingly dangerous sharks from Hungry Shark Evolution

By , on October 17, 2014
Last modified 7 years, 3 months ago

In Hungry Shark Evolution you're a big shark that swims around an ocean, trying to eat anything and everything that comes into your line of sight.

People have captured videos of themselves doing exactly this via the Everyplay functionality the developer has included, and from these videos I've determined the 8 most dangerous creatures that swim its seas.

Titanically Large Shark eats whole boats

Shark With A Jetpack doesn't even need you to go back in the water

Shark With A Jetpack And A Monocle is such a sir that he'll eat Santa and get away with it

Rebel Shark just will not play by the rules, man

Robot Shark completely ignores Asimov's rules of robotics

Sweary And Loud Shark is sweary and loud (and NSFW)

Ice Breathing Shark is like Superman, only not a superhero but a shark

Shark With Laser Beam On Head has got bad ideas from the Austin Powers movies

Found a more dangerous shark? Drop me a link in the comments.