Thanks to Dead Trigger 2 I know what the 11 best weapons for killing zombies are

By , on October 24, 2014

Zombies. They're a pain.

We all know that one day - maybe even this Halloween - zombies will eventually attempt to overrun the Earth.

When that day comes though, I'll be prepared.

I'll be prepared because I play video games. Video games with big weapons to kill the undead. Video games like Dead Trigger 2.

Not wanting to keep this knowledge to myself, I've compiled a list of Everyplay videos showing the 11 weapons from Dead Trigger 2 that I think will be most effective against the living dead.

And this is that list...

A pistol and knife. Standard.

A heavy gun emplacement. A little less standard.

A person sort of pretending to be PewDiePie. Increasingly standard.

A "Brainmill" and a crossbow. Not so standard.

Silenced uzis and Assault rifles. Do any companies actually make these?

A sniper rifle with a bullet you can control after you fire it. Not sure this one's possible.

Sri like what Raphael from that cartoon has, and a grenade launcher that Splinter would probably say no to. Turtle power.

Think there's a better weapon than these in Dead Trigger 2? You're a fibber, but do let me know in the comments, Liar Lyington.