Hands-on with Crossy Road, a modern day take on an amphibian classic

By , on November 4, 2014

No one is going to argue that Crossy Road isn't a take on iconic Konami arcade game Frogger.

But as an homage it's super high quality, and very entertaining in its own right.

It blends the jumping gameplay of Frogger with an auto-runner like Temple Run, to create a polished (and very good looking) high score chaser.

Here's my hands-on with the game.

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Cheka 7 years ago

This game has undergone localization by the Chinese company Yodo1 and now appears in the Hong Kong and China app stores as 天天过马路 (Cross The Road Daily). It got some extra characters like the dragon but I still prefer the original version.

PoloBaquerizoH 7 years, 1 month ago

Looks fun