9 amazing things you can do in Strung Along

By , on November 7, 2014

In Strung Along you control a puppet on strings, trying to get them through increasingly challenging levels of obstacles and whatnot.

Since it's heavily governed by its (usually robust) physics engine, it's allowed from some pretty awesome things to be done by its players. Many of these things have been captured by eagle-eyed peeps on Everyplay, and I've collected them all together into one convenient little list.

So then, in Strung Along you can...



Do a forward flip!

Dance to EDM!

Risk a groin injury!

Walk on thin air!

Not finish your sentences!

Breakdance as if possessed by a demon!

And make it to the final level!

Think you can do better? Grab the game for your iOS or Android device via the links below, and drop us a link to your replay.

[App Store link]
[Google Play link]