5 stupendous Angry Birds cakes that will make you say 'Mum, I want one of these for my next birthday, not a boring tray cake from Marks and Sparks again'

By , on December 11, 2014

Last time we looked at video game cakes featuring Rovio's plucky bird brains, we focused on the “playable” ones.

They're awesome, obviously, but for some people the thought of making a cake is hard enough, let alone making it a full Angry Birds level you can fling birds at. So I've gathered together a load of examples of cakes that are a little more static, but just as cool.

The five videos you can see below represent the pinnacle of what YouTube has to offer when it comes to Angry Birds-themed cakes, featuring guides and demonstrations by brilliant YouTubers Rosanna Pansino, Cakes StepByStep, CakesByChoppA, MyCupcakeAddiction, and LauraPoopie.

Rosanna Pansino

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Cakes StepByStep

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Found an even better Angry Birds cake? Let us know in the comments.