6 wince-inducing crotch busting shots from Gingerbread Stickman Shooting Showdown

By , on December 12, 2014
Last modified 7 years, 3 months ago

There's a dedicated community of gamers playing Gingerbread Stickman Shooting Showdown looking to perfect their aim with a bow and arrow.

Most of them are trying to shoot the little gingerbread man on the top of the stickman's head, but some of them aren't.

Some of them are trying to shoot the stickman in the crotch, attempting (no doubt) to ellicit the most painful yelp they possibly can, and then capturing the moment for eternity and publishing it on Everyplay.

Each to their own, here are the six best...

Blam, right in the jewels.



Oh my goodness.

These are starting to make me feel a bit ill now.

That's really gonna smart in the morning.

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