AppSpy's top 5 favourite games from iTunes Best of 2014

By , on December 9, 2014
Last modified 7 years, 8 months ago

December is becoming a pretty eventful month. You've got Christmas, New Year, and now the regular release of iTunes Best of 2014 list. This year's winners in particular were relatively predictable, with only the most impressive and popular releases taking home the plaudits.

Rather than having you sit and stare at boring words all day, we figured it would be best to compile a list of fun videos and trailers of the best-selling apps and games on this year's list. Enjoy, AppSpies!

1. Top selling iPhone and iPad game: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Possibly the least surprising winner on the list, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold much better than hot cakes since its launch back in 2011. The mobile edition may have had a rocky start but has gone from strength-to-strength since.

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2. Top grossing iPhone game: Candy Crush Saga

This is the exact reason why we used the word 'possibly' in our previous entry - Candy Crush Saga is the gaming equivalent of crack. Here's Peter playing the sequel:

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3. Top grossing iPad game: Clash of Clans

The obvious winners just keep on coming. If you haven't heard of Clash of Clans then we've got news for you: you're officially living in a cave. Now watch this video while enjoying your cave.

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4. iPhone Game of the Year: Threes!

An incredibly impressive win by Sirvo in a year filled with some serious competition. It's a game which that simplicity and nailing your core mechanic are key to App Store success.

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5. iPhone Game of the Year: Monument Valley

ustwo's Monument Valley has pretty much won everything there is to win this year, and it totally deserves it. Still, one more award can't hurt, right?

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