AppSpy's top 6 games to make you rage

By , on December 10, 2014
Last modified 7 years, 6 months ago

Nitrome's Roller Polar is this week's incredibly addictive festive treat - but it isn't half frustrating. It essentially does what Flappy Bird did so infamously last year, but improves on the visuals and sound and even throws some mechanics into the work for good measure.

Just for you lovely folks, I've braved the App Store and Google Play store to find the most frustrating, rage-inducing games.

Have a stressball at the ready if you plan on playing any of these, as we will not be responsible for the broken furniture. You have been warned.

1. Swing Copters 

Combine an incredibly frustrating concept with imprecise and, well, rubbish controls and you get Swing Copters - THE rage-baiter.

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2. Flappy Bird 

The original anger-inducer (topped only by its spiritual successor Swing Copters) Flappy Bird caused quite a stir when it first launched last year. The bird flies about as well as a chicken, and the majority of the frustration is caused by - again - terrible controls.

Here's what happens if you flap too much:

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3. Roller Polar 

Sitting snugly in the middle is the prize jewel of the feature, Roller Polar, which manages to be utterly frustrating but always completely fair. Every mistake is your fault, making each victory taste all the sweeter.

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Though seemingly pleasant enough during the first few levels, the difficulty quickly ramps up in RETRY, a game which has you flying a plane through an island environment from hangar to hanger. It handles well enough but some of the achievements are very, very difficult to obtain.

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5. Timberman

Lumberjacks are becoming increasingly popular in video games. ONe example of this inexplicable in digital woodmen isTimberman, which casts you as a lumberjack hacking down a neverending tree.

Chop either side of the mighty pine with a simple tap, making sure to avoid branches. The punishing timer is the true source frustration here.

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6. Super Hexagon 

To be honest, all of Terry Cavanagh's games are brutally hard, but this one tops the lot. It's excellent, but probably responsible for many broken phones in its time.

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