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By , on March 1, 2015

Where can you find all of the need-to-know mobile gaming news in one easy to consume chunk? AppSpy's Sunday Service, of course.

The Big Stories

1. GEOFF is not your Nvidia Shield

2. This is how you make a server for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

3. Heavenstrike Rivals is out right now, we've been hands-on

4. Want a new game based on the Gremlins movies? You'll be wanting a Japanese iTunes account then

5. There's a new Sonic game out. It's super disappointing

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Of course it's AG Drive. Of course it is.

We've been playing AG Drive since June 2014, after we were blown away by its superb controls, stunning visuals, and sheer sense of speed. Some people might dismiss it as a "WipEout clone", but screw 'em, because they're the ones that'll miss out on this fantastic future racer. Oh and it went from being free-to-play to paid, and on this occasion it was absolutely the right decision from the developer.

More on AG Drive: Pocket Gamer Review / AppSpy Preview / Feature

How we spent our weekend

James: I'll be chasing elephants and running from responsibility in Far Cry 4. Was also gonna try to rebuild by Nvidia Shield, but my screwdriver has mysteriously gone missing. Weird.

Peter: I'll be playing Desert Golfing this weekend, with bouts of Mass Effect 3 between holes.

Glen: Ideally, I sell my iPad and head straight to Currys to replace it with a Nexus 9 and live the dream of being totally iOS-free.

Danny: I'm going to watch as much Katharine Hepburn as I can afford at BFI Southbank and put some neato posters up in my otherwise bare bedroom.

Harry: I'm staying in until Sunday, when my band has a gig which I am super excited about. And I will make cool new friends who will whisk me away from you losers.

Mark: I am going on a plane and then buying amiibos in San Francisco.