Wayout is a clever minimalist puzzler heading to iOS and Android on January 25th

By , on January 10, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

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A minimalist puzzler offers a unique kind of satisfication - not too complex as to be overwhelming, while being simple and distilled without being too easy - and Wayout looks like it'll be a promising addition to that category when it releases on the 25th.

Befitting its subgenre, Wayout's premise is a simple one: every stage presents you with a grid of white and different colored tiles, your job is to make the entire grid devoid of color. Tapping a tile affects the color of surrounding tiles in various ways depending on color and marking; some change colors in specific patterns, or only activiate specific tiles, or change certain colors. It's through blending togethers this array of mechanics that Wayout expands its quite simple central gameplay and concept into surprisingly tricky challenges, where logic and planning moves ahead are your kets to successful puzzle solving.

You'll be able to buy Wayout for $1.99 when it arrives on the App Store and Google Play later this month; for more details, you can visit the official Wayout site.