The dungeons and turn-based battles of Warhammer Quest 2 are headed to Android in March

By , on February 13, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 7 months ago

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Five months after its release on iOS, Perchang’s tactical fantasy game Warhammer Quest 2 is slated for an Android release next month, bringing its myriad classes, strategies, and sprawling dungeons to a new platform.

In your turn-based battles against the forces of chaos, you construct a party from a pool of sorcerers, towering blood knights, hammer-wielding captains, and more, expanding your suite of abilities through leveling up and loot. You’ll need to use every cursed pistol, axe blow, and firebolt to your advantage to survive the grueling hordes of chaos spawn, undead, and bosses lurking in Quest’s torch-lit dungeons.  And with each victory comes new regions and towns, with merchants, missions, and events to interact with.

The iOS version of Warhammer Quest 2 was recently updated with the Lord of Khorne expansion, adding the Talabecland region, an expansive story campaign, new classes, and enemies. The Android release next month will include that content, as well as other previous content and updates.