Fantasy board game Armello launches on iOS on March 15th

By , on March 6, 2018
Last modified 5 years ago

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Three years after our hands-on with this animal kingdom board game, Armello is finally releasing on the App Store this month, slated for March 15th.

Choosing from a selection of woodland warriors, you‘ll explore and fight across Armello’s kingdom turn-by-turn, drawing event cards, rolling dice, and engaging in battles with other clans and combatants. With each decision - performing quests for kings, hiring agents to aid in your conquests, plot betrayals and backstabbings - you gain prestige and influence over the King’s rulings. While traversing the board is largely a game of resource management and making use of tile buffs such as stealth bonuses from forests, combat revolves around dice rolls on a separate screen, where your character and his foe perform well-animated strikes decided by special dice and card abilities.

Armello will be available on iPad next Thursday; you can find more details on Armello and its mechanics through the game’s official site.