Minimalist puzzler Bloki brings spatial challenges to iOS and Android when it releases next month

By , on April 3, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 5 months ago

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Blocki looks to be an intriguing absract puzzle game slated for release on mobile in May, presenting block stacking and molding mechanics in its recent teaser trailer.

Your goal is to build a structure from different colored blocks, twisting and turning, shrink and expanding the shape to create a design that connects with a formation of like-colored prisms. Flipping into position and then shifting blocks around looks to be a unique challenge compared to similar games, and future stages will add to the difficulty with color-switching tiles and obstactles to deal with. While the mechanics look like they might be tricky to grasp, Blocki promises to be a game in the zen pacing category of puzzler: "No points, time limits", or other elements to distract from the puzzle solving.

Blocki doesn't have a known release date beyond a mid-May launch window and is expected to release on both App Store and Google Play. For more details, you can visit the official Blocki site.