Golfing receives a quirky alternative in upcoming arcade sports game What The Golf

By , on May 14, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 6 months ago

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Golfing seems relative simple game-wise, Whether it's a realistic course or full of mini-golf obstacles, you're still hitting a ball with a club to a hole. But What The Golf laughs at the notion, instead promising a much weirder and wackier take on the sport when it releases on mobile later this year.

Technically, you're still dragging on the screen to aim and set the power of your launch towards a waiting goal, but What The Golf's similarities to actual golf end there. Across its various courses, you'll need to lauch everything from a house to a pile of clubs, from a horse to an egg through physics-based gauntlets; some stages won't even be typical courses but instead have you flicking a car along a race track, trying to score a goal, or swinging to the hole Hanger-style. The game wears its intent of being nothing like actual golf proudly.

What The Golf's myriad challenges and "epic golf boss fights" are expected to be available on iOS and Android sometime this summer, but the game doesn't have a definite release date yet. For more details, you can visit the official What The Golf site.